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You’ve probably noticed that these blogs come out every Monday to Friday at 11am.


Have done for four years.


There are, of course, other blogging frequencies.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


Or just whenever you feel like it.


I know many people who’ve tried blogging.


They’ll put out a post.


Then another a few days later.


A third 10 days after.


Maybe a fourth a month later.


And that’s it.


The lack of set frequency means it can always wait till tomorrow.


When there’s tonnes of other stuff to do (as there always is), why prioritise that blog right now?


Doing these on a consistent regular basis is miles easier.


I don’t have to think each day about whether or not to do one.


I just do one each day.


And the same approach will help with your exercise, eating and lifestyle approach.


Just planning on getting 3 workouts and as many healthy meals as possible in a week is a start.


Planning to workout Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work……….


To have all seven breakfasts being a particular way………


And,  say, 11 of the other 14 meals planned……….


Leaving, for example, Friday and Saturday and Sunday lunch flexible……..


Is much easier to stick to.



Or some other plan.


Don’t just try and do it at some point.


Have a planned, consistent approach.


No thought needed 🙂



Much love,
Jon ‘Constipation’ Hall and Matt ‘Conservatory’ Nicholson




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