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We mentioned yesterday about how doing things on a regular, consistent basis makes it easier.


Whether it be blogging, eating a certain way, exercising or anything else.


But, also, these things just get easier to do the more you do them.


I remember blogs one to ten or so taking hours.


Unsure what to write.


Writing and re-writing certain bits.


Even thought, at that point, I had my entire life experience to go from.


Now, I have, in theory, one extra day’s knowledge from the last blog.


But they’re pretty easy to write now.


Practice doesn’t always make perfect.


But it definitely makes things easier.


The first few workouts, the first few different meal choices……..


Will be hard work.


The next few dozen a little easier.


And so on.


Until it’s just a habit.


Easy, maybe not.


But considerably easier, definitely.


Stick with it to that point 🙂



Much love,
Jon ‘Easy like a Sunday morning’ Hall and Matt ‘Big Easy’ Nicholson


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