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We mentioned yesterday about the cumulative, compound effect of repeated actions.


Whether it be writing blogs or workout sessions or healthy meals.


And how that’s what leads to long term progress and success.


It’s very easy to get overfaced with the amount of work required in many things.


It just seems “too much”.


If you’d have told me four years ago that I needed to write 1,000 blogs, I’d probably have freaked out.


“What the hell can I write 1,000 blogs about?” would’ve been my likely reply.


And you may have a similar thought to the total number of workouts, good food choices, etc that might be needed to get where you’d like to get.


But I just got up each day and wrote a blog.


One at a time.


Till I was at 10.


Then 100.


Then 500.


And so on.


One at a time.


View your exercise, lifestyle and food choices the same.


Just keep making individual choices.


Don’t get over-faced by the total needed.


And they’ll add up.


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