Planning ahead – Lessons from 1,500 blogs #2

I’m writing this blog on the an EasyJet flight from Liverpool to Belfast last Friday evening.

My step-daughter is competing in the Northern round of the school trampolining competition tomorrow (Saturday).

Charlie is happily watching a film on an iPad next to me, so I’m using this time productively.

These blogs, of course, come out every week day at 11am (when this comes out, you’re just 9 hours from tonight’s find out more meeting. If you haven’t had amazing, life changing results having tried the same old, same old in January, why not see if this is the answer?

But it’s very, very rare they are written that morning.

They are written days to weeks, or even months in advance.

They all start as an idea entered on the notes app on my phone.

Which synchronises with the same app on my iPad, laptop and the club computer.

Then written at various points when it’s a good use of time.

Then five are finished off a day or two before the start of the week then uploaded, scheduled, etc.

Some written only a day or two before, like this one.

Some have been ready to go for months, but haven’t been needed.

If I had to sit down every morning and write that day’s blog, I can guarantee I wouldn’t be about to hit 1,500 week days in a row.

It would quickly have become a pain – having to decide what’s to write, get the computer out, load up all the programmes needed and so on.

A missed blog or two would’ve quickly become weeks and months, I’m sure.

Writing these blogs ahead of time actually makes it less effort overall and means it actually gets done.

And it’s the same with our healthy eating.

Leave our food choices till Hungry O Clock and they probably won’t be great.

The easiest and quickest option will be the staff canteen, the corner shop, the garage, the sandwich or coffee shop, etc.

‘Eating better’ quickly becomes a bit of a pain.

And a ‘less good’ meal choice quickly becomes weeks or months.

If we plan ahead a little though?

Prep a few more meals while we’re already in the kitchen?

Maybe freeze some for when they’re needed – maybe months later.

Have a little think about the week ahead at a convenient time and put a few things in place?

An online click and collect order maybe.

Or popping to the shops when you have a bit of time and aren’t hungry.

Can easily be less effort than several lots of ten minutes on lunch breaks or swinging by the take out on the way home.

Don’t set yourself up for it to be any harder than it has to be.

Right, got to go – we’re landing 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Tramampoline’ Hall and Matt ‘Bouncer’ Nicholson

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