Unrealistic expectations – Lessons from 1,500 blogs #3

Over the years, many of my FitPro chums have asked me about these blogs.

Some have even given it a go themselves.

Few have got past five blogs from what I’ve seen.

A couple of reasons for that.

The second I’ll cover tomorrow.

But one is unrealistic expectations.

The few blogs get them, at most, a member or two.

Maybe none.

So they stop.

Which is like stopping exercising because you’re not in the shape you’d like to be after five workouts.

Or lost your target amount of weight after five better food choices.

These things take time.

Sure, we can look at making things more effective.

Getting a better ROI.

Bigger bang for your buck choices.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Each individual blog, workout or better food choice will do next to nothing.

But none will do less than nothing.

We’ll slip backwards over time.

A degree of patience is key.

All we can really do with anything in life is control the decision directly in front of us right now.

Make that better decision more often than not and we will get there 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Great’ Hall and Matt ‘MAGIC!’ Nicholson

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