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Blog 999!


I mentioned yesterday that early blogs took much longer to write.


And how they’ve got considerably easier over time.


Part of that is practice.


Part of it is systematising the process.


Like you can do with what you’re doing.


My process has evolved over time.


But basically now;


  • Listen to audio books and blogs while driving, walking, etc. Read lots. Do various courses, workshops, etc.


  • Note ideas I come up with in my Google Keep app on my phone. This is voice controlled. So, if I’m driving, I just say “Ok Google. Take a note. Blogs about writing 1,000 blogs”. There are currently 71 ideas, in various stages of completion, on there. Some will be written very soon. Some may be a year or more. Some may never get written if I can’t quite figure a way to use them.


  • Google Keep syncs with my ipad and I start writing the blogs in what could otherwise be “dead time” – while the kids are in gymnastics or swimming lessons, while Alex and Charlie are in Yoga Babies, bits of time between things that don’t quite seem enough for other jobs. Some get done in one go. Some are weeks or months in the making.


  • Monday morning after the 6 and 7am sessions, I’ll click the bookmark folder that opens all the sites I need for this – our site, aweber, buffer and google. I’ll get, at least Mondays blog scheduled and, hopefully a few more before the end of the day. Usually by Wednesday I’ll have finished the week’s blogs.


This may not be the perfect system.


But it works much better for me than sitting down each morning and thinking “Right, what I shall I write about today”.


And you can do similar things with your healthy eating and exercise efforts.


Systemise them as much as possible.




Sunday night when you have a little time, you schedule your sessions, make sure exercise gear is in the wash or bag packed, plan the majority of your week’s food, do an online food order for Click and Collect on Monday.


Or similar things at different times.


Or make arrangements with others to share the load.


Other halves, friends, family.


Taking it in turns to do things rather than both doing the same amount of work.


You get the idea.


Systematise the process to make it easier (as always, check if you like the sound of an approach that’s all about making it easier rather than just “trying harder”).



Much love,


Jon ‘Smart ass’ Hall and Matt ‘Smart Car’ Nicholson




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