What do you do at RISE?

Have you even said "I know what I should be doing, I just need to do it"?


If so, is there much point just trying the 'standard menu of options' (gyms, slimming clubs, diets, etc) and just trying harder when that didn't work the last however many times?


We help people take that 'could' or 'should' and turn it into 'am' and on to 'done'.

OK, what does that mean?

When you join a gym no one knows or cares if you know what you're doing, if you go and if you're getting results.


We're all about people getting results.


Whilst having fun.


With like minded people.


In an intimidation free atmosphere.

So, it's not a gym?

Well, we have a place in Macclesfield where people come and exercise with us.


Coach led sessions so you can work at an appropriate level, know what you're doing and actually enjoy the whole thing.


But it's not what you think of when you think "gym".

Didn't you used to be The Academy?

That's right. The COVID-19 lockdown and how we all pulled together to help each other rise made us realise it was time for us to evolve and take the next step in what we do!


This isn't just a change of name - this is step one of us rising to the next level!

Are you any good?

Yes. Very!


Check out the following:


- Hundreds of verified results from people in Macclesfield who've never got on with the 'standard menu' of options


- Two time Top-6 at the National Fitness Awards


- Four years straight as the number one facility in the UK on FreeIndex


- Three years as number on in Cheshire on Google, Facebook, TrustPilot and more


- Fantastic group dynamic (demonstrated by regular 100+ attendee social events)

Sounds good - can I find out more?