Belly fat….


The enemy!!! Its always the last place it seems to go…


Its actually not…. we have fat everywhere under our skin including fingers, feet, back etc. EVERYWHERE.


Just some people store more in different places.





I will give you 10 things you can do TODAY to help lose the fat.


I want you to do this for 14 days….take a photo today…and a photo in 14 days then send me it at  Just to show other people how effective this is.



1: Drink 1 liter of water per 20kg of body weight EVERYDAY

2: Eat as many leafs green vegetables as you can…as MANY as you can everyday.

3: Cut out all processed foods….no shite in 14 days

4: No alcohol if possible if not have 2 glasses of Red on a Saturday…that’s it.

5: Eat a high protein breakfast e.g. eggs and salmon, steak and nuts etc.

IF you are unsure download my cookbook and choose some out of there

6: Sleep for 8 hours a night at least…black out your room so its pitch black.

7: Don’t have any sugar apart from berries…i.e blueberry, raspberry etc.

8: All other meals need to consist of a good natural meat..and as many veg as possible. No bullshite calorie counting here.

9: Plan 1-2 days a head with food…if your food is not prepped at least 24 hours in advance you will fail.

10: Do this workout in the morning before breakfast if you don’t have time GET UP 10 minutes earlier.



3 min warm up

Squats – really slow and steady

Lunges – same

Push ups on knees – half way down

10 reps on each repeat for 3 mins


Round 1

Push ups (feet if you can do more than 10) to fail – Straight into..

Squats (all the way down)  to fail – straight into

Plank (body flat) to fail


1 min rest


Repeat 3 times in week 1 and 5 times in week 2.


That’s it.


And when I say fail I mean absolute fail so you can not do 1 more rep.




Pretty simple right?


Its simple if you actually do it….


If you are reading this sentence then you know what to do… you have to actually do it.


You could make an excuse…stay in bed for that 10 minutes….or make an excuse WHY you can’t do any of the above….


But 14 days from now will come around….you could be a lot slimmer by then….or just be the same….up to you 😉


Much love


Matt “Its up to you” Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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