In my mind, I never miss a putt


Not me like.


I’m pretty useless at golf.


A complete lack of practice of course.


And not being bothered enough to put said practice in.


Tis a quote from Jack Nicklaus.


“In my mind, I never miss a put”.


He did of course.


But not many.


And that was, in large, thanks to the way he saw them and himself.


He wasn’t the sort of person who missed putts.


And consequently he was the sort of person who did the things needed so the putts weren’t missed.


The practice.


The course studying.


The giving even the most simple shot with sufficient thought and preparation.


He considered himself to be that person.


And because of that, he was.




And it’s exactly the same with people when they make the transition from inconsistent, yo-yoing weight loss and / or health changes………


To consistent, long lasting healthy living.


They shift the way they perceive themselves.


They change the focus from the ‘what’ they need to be doing……..


To the person they need to become.


And, over time, they find themselves saying things like “I workout regularly” and “I eat healthily” rather than “I’m going to try and do some exercise” and “I’m on a diet”.


Feels a little forced to start.


But quickly becomes the way someone is.


And I’m sure you can see which way will increase the chances of success?


Start / continue changing the way you perceive and describe yourself.


And it’ll soon become second nature.


Promise 🙂



Much love,




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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