My Step Daughter had a violin recital at school yesterday.


It went really well, which was great as she’d been very nervous.


At a couple of points between performances, the teacher spoke for a few minutes about how we could help support the children in their music.


At one point she was talking about the different violins that were available and the difference between them.


You can get a fairly basic one for under £200 she said.


## We’re still borrowing a school one as no one’s asked for it back ūüėČ ##


But, as with most things, the more you pay the better you get.


She showed us her violin.


Which she’d paid 10 grand for.


I’ll be honest.


It looked and sounded exactly the same to me.


And I’d probably struggle to tell the difference between that and a $16 million¬†Stradivarius.


But I’m sure the teacher feels the extra price is more than worthwhile.


She know what she’s getting for that and is happy with the cost.


It’s the same with lots of things we talk about.


We know there are cheaper options.


People tell us all the time.


I’m sure they tell you too.


People point out that you can “just eat less”.


Which has a less than zero cost.


Or that you can make some other change to your eating that only cost £X.


Or that your can go running.


For free.


Or some other activity.


Or that you can join some gym which is a pound a day less than our membership.


We get all this.


When you’re looking to get in shape there are options at all price points between zero and ¬£4k per session (the world’s most expensive 1:1 coach).


But there is, of course, a difference in what you get for each price.


And it’s up to everyone to decide what they feel is a worthwhile investment for the results they get doing it.


There’s no point going for a cheaper option if you’re not happy with the results.


Or if you’re even going backwards using it.


Like most people who join gyms, slimming classes, etc actually gain weight (or get less fit, healthy, etc) over time.


## If that’s been you, you might like to check out what we do and how it gets such great results –> ##


There’s no right or wrong.


Just like I wouldn’t dream of paying ¬£10k for a violin………..


The violin teacher might think I’m mad for the amount I spend each year of my health and fitness.


Your life, your results, your money.


You decide!



Much love,


Jon ‘Violint’ Hall and Matt ‘Vanessa Mae’ Nicholson




RISE Macclesfield –¬†


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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