By the time we turn 18……


148,000 times…….


Is how many times we’ve been told that we ‘can’t’ do something.


Once or twice an hour.


Every day.


From birth to adulthood.


“You can’t do that”.


How many times do you recall someone telling you you could do something?


That they had faith in your ability to do it?


A fraction of the 148,000 times I should imagine.


A very small fraction.


Explains why we all have so many self limiting beliefs, doesn’t it?


Why there’s so many things we think we can’t do.


Why we fail so many times with things that are, it theory, remarkably simple.


Eating healthily involves no more or less effort than eating unhealthily.


But we’ve been conditioned to think that’s it’s hard and we’re likely to fail.


We’ve been conditioned to think most things are more complicated than they are.


And that we’re likely to fail at most of them.


People often comment when they make the changes they’ve always known they needed to…….


You know – healthy eating, regular exercise, etc……..


That it was so much easier than they expected.


It’s not as hard as you think.


You CAN do it.


You’ve just been conditioned to think otherwise.


Now – get cracking 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Crackers’ Hall and Matt ‘Jacobs’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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