On Saturday I posted a picture of my kitchen in our members’ Facebook group and asked members to do the same.


The intention was to help people pick out anything they could tweak about that ‘environment’ to make the whole healthy eating process a little easier and smoother.


Did you know that there is research that suggests that people who have snack foods readily available out on the counter weigh and average of 18lbs more than those that don’t.


It isn’t, of course, the only factor.


But it makes sense that seeing those foods every time you enter the kitchen is likely to lead to greater consumption of them.


And that, unless other meals are adjusted accordingly, that will make a difference to yeah olde waistline.


So, at the very least, it makes sense to hide these FLiSes (Food Like Substances).


Maybe, while you’re at it, question the having of them in the house at all.


We’re not saying to never eat them again.


But the more they are in the house, the more they are bound to be eaten.


In general a good Kitchen Evaluation can help no end.


Go in with a fresh pair of eyes and look at what’s making everything unnecessarily harder.


What can be done to make it easier.


These adjustments are you big wins that will reap rewards long term.



Much love,


Jon ‘Gordon Ramsey’ Hall and Matt ‘Ainsley Harriot’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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