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I saw a post on Facebook the other day.

A guy’s story about how he’d ruined his marriage.

By having an affair.

Not an affair really.

Just “five minutes” as he said.

“20 years of marriage ruined in five minutes”.

A disproportionate impact.

Really not worth it.

Marriage (and relationships in general) are one of those things that can be ‘damaged’ so much more easily than they can be built or repaired.

Our food is similar.

I could smash a few thousand calories of an evening no problem.

Thinking about it, I reckon I’ll have had evenings in my youth that were easily well over 5,000.

10 pints at 220 calories a pop.

Meal out and kebab and chips on the way home.

And that would’ve been on top of whatever else I’d eaten earlier that day.

A slightly extreme example, sure.

But I reckon we’ll have all done something along those lines at times, yeah?

Tub of Hagan Daz and a bottle of wine in front of the tele is 2,000 calories.

Tube of Pringles is about a thousand.

All easy to do.

Too easy.

A thousand calories can be done in 5 minutes, no probs.

How long does the opposite take?

At least a few days to average that out?

The whole week to average out that big Saturday night?

And that’s assuming we only do it once?

That doesn’t mean we can never do any of those things again, of course.

But it might help us question the frequency and the extent?

Could we have just as enjoyable an evening on half the calories?

If we genuinely couldn’t enjoy what we were doing without having to eat and drink that much, maybe we should question the company we’re keeping?

Or, more likely, our mindset about the eating and drinking?

Like a relationship, damage to our diet is so much easier to do than fixing that damage.

And, like that “five minutes” is it worth questioning if “it’s worth it”?

Much love,

Jon ‘Peace’ Hall

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Jon Hall

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