Who remembers “Man’s Not Hot”?

The 2017 novelty song by British comedian Michael Dapaah released under the name Big Shaq.

It included the infamous line “Two plus two is four. Minus one is three. Quick maths”.

A similar mathematical equation as we can apply to show the effectiveness of Intermittent Fasting.

If we have three meals a day normally and we create a window of not eating which means that we no longer have one of them, then we are left with the sum;

3 – 1 = 2

All else been equal, two meals is going to contribute less food and less calories than three would.

Even more likely, we have a number of little snacks throughout the day which could be considered extra 1/4s.

The removal of one whole meal and a number of 1/4 meals is going to create a significantly lower number.

Intermittent Fasting can be a perfectly valid approach.

I know a number of people that swear by it.

But let’s not paint it out to be something that it’s not.

It doesn’t create some magical thing in the body.

It’s just a set of rules that, usually, will lead to us consuming less overall.

If we ate in a calorie surplus, it wouldn’t matter how we spaced those meals out and the gaps between them, we would gain weight.

I often say that a tub of Ben and Jerry’s or a tube of Pringles plus a bottle of wine would be equally fattening if we added for breakfast.

But we don’t, do we?

We have them on the sofa, at night, when we’ve already had maintenance calories in the day.

If having a cut off to our eating of, say, 7pm stops us doing this, then it’s bound to lower our overall calorie intake.

Especially if we then don’t start eating again till midday the next day.

If the hard and fast rules of Intermittent Fasting work for you, brilliant

Go for it.

If you feel you struggle to stick to them and then perceive that’s as “failure”, not so good.

But again it’s just simple sums.

If you’re looking to lose weight and your approach leads to you consuming less calories overall………

And you’re happy doing it……..

It’s all good.

Much love,

Jon ‘When the ting went quack-quack-quack’ Hall

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