I was having a conversation with a fellow FitPro last week.


He asked me how many sessions I do per week.


He was surprised that it was less than he does.


“What do you do with the rest of your time?” he asked.


“Mainly family time when I’m not working” I replied. “And, of course, all the other stuff for running the business.”


“What, like admin and stuff?”


“Well, that too. But that’s only a few hours. It’s delivering all the other stuff to help our members get results. You know in the 165 hours a weeks we don’t see them”


“Like what?”




It’s something that many people underestimate the importance of.


The time spent outside of exercise.


Because, no matter how much someone trains, they will spend way more time doing other stuff.


Other stuff that can help or hinder their progress to their goals.


Between our 200 members, there is over 30,000 hour a week that they spend away from us.


30,000 hours that we’re responsible for doing what we can to help with.


So putting time into creating, developing and delivering systems that helps with this time makes more sense than doing an extra few sessions when someone else can do them.


From our experience, FitPros who only do “workouts” never have many success stories.


If the average FitPro doesn’t realise the importance of the non training time, it’s little wonder that most none FitPros don’t either.


We’d never like to say a workout is a waste of time……….


But if someone is permanently stressed, sleeps badly, is dehydrated and is trying to power themselves on sugar and caffeine……….


They’d get better results by missing a workout and doing some work on these things.


Exercising a body when it’s not in a good place doesn’t just lead to very minimal results……….


It can be counterproductive.


Increased chance of injury.


Very low chance of enjoying the experience and feeling much desire to do it again.


You get the point.


It’s understandable when most of the industry supposedly designed to help you thinks that hard workouts are the entirety of what needs doing……….


That you may think that’s the case too.


But I can promise you that putting effort into addressing food, hydration, sleep and stress……….


Will help way more than an extra workout 🙂


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Much love,


Jon ‘Naked Gun 33 1/3’ Hall and Matt ‘The Smell Of Fear’ Nicholson




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