This Monday we were chatting to Janette, one of our ninjas.

She mentioned she’d “had a bit of a blip” on Saturday.

“I feel I’ve been on a diet, on and off, for 40 years” she said “so I thought ‘Sod it’ I’m having a day off”.

“Another way you could look at it” we replied “is that you’ve been looking after yourself for 40 years”.

“Feeding yourself properly for 40 years”.

“Being healthy for 40 years”.

“Treating yourself with the respect you deserve for 40 years”.

“Not poisoning yourself with crap for 40 years”.

“Extending your life for 40 years”.

You could see the cogs turning in Janette’s head.

And, after the session, she came and thanked us for ‘paradigm shift’ and left deep in thought.

The way we perceive things makes a huge difference to how hard we find it to do them.

If we concentrate on the difficulties of a situation or a process, it will be hard work.

Will power will get us so far.

But, remember, will power is a finite resource.

If we concentrate on what those situations and processes mean to us – their ‘upside’ – then it’s a different story.

If we see our journey as one of ‘being healthy’ or ‘looking after yourself’ or ‘extending your life’ then it’s a much easier one stick to.

Your get the point – try changing the way you see the things you have to do.

Concentrate on the outcome and the process will follow.

Much love,

Jon ‘Been looking after myself for 13 years’ Hall and Matt ‘Extending my life’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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