You know what it’s like, don’t you?


The house is a tip.


It needs sorting.


But you can’t face it.


Not enough to time to get it all sorted.


Maria Cilley, an home organisation guru who’s know as ‘the Fly Lady’ recommends the “5-Minute Room Rescue” as a tactic in this situation.


You get a timer, go to the worst room and go for it!


For 5 minutes.


The intention is to remove that whole ‘being overfaced’ thing.


Anyone can find 5 minutes.


Chances are, once you start, you’ll end up doing more than 5 minutes.


If you don’t, a focused 5 minutes every day can lead to a significant improvement.


Action is the key.


Small steps in the right direction will always beat no steps.


It’s the same with what you’re working towards.


The size of the journey ahead can be over facing.


It’s easy to feel that there’s so far to go that nothing happens.


When that happens, just do the equivalent of the “5 minute room rescue”.


One quick healthy meal shop.


One workout.


Even if it’s just 5 minutes in front of the TV.


Even one glass of water.


Just clicking one link to help you find out more 😉 –>


Chances are you might do a bit more.


If not, that’s cool.


All those little steps will add up 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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