Who used to watch The Office?

You know, the paper office based mockumentary written, directed by and starring Ricky Gervais.

Don’t worry if you didn’t, I will be covering the relevant bit.

At the end of series one, Tim asks out Dawn and quits his boring job that he hates in order to return to university to earn a degree in Psychology.

At the start of series two, Tim is still there, having being offered the largely token ‘promotion’ to Senior Sales Clerk.

And a £500 a year raise.

Less than a tenner a week.

Assuming 20% tax on that, about a pound a day more.

To keep doing something that was making him unhappy.

Sounds mad, when you put it that way, doesn’t it?

But we’re often guilty of doing the same.

Sacrificing (or, at least, massively reducing) our happiness to save a pound or so.

Most people who don’t join us (or leave) “because of the cost” aren’t expecting to spend absolutely nothing on their health, fitness, energy levels and mood.

They’re, maybe, thinking something more between £1 and £2 a day.

Which would be cool.

If it worked for them.

If it doesn’t (and it usually doesn’t) then that saving of a pound or so per day is a terrible false economy in my humble opinion.

Over the years I’ve seen many who have stopped (or not started) because of money continue to post on Facebook about what they’re doing that costs more than our membership……………

And about how unhappy they are with their lives and bodies.

I get it.

We all have finite budgets.

No matter how much is coming in, if more is going out, we need to make changes.


But if the saving is to be a pound or so per day………..

And the “cost” of that is lower energy and mood and and body we like the look and feel of less……………

Then, like Tim staying in a job he doesn’t want to be doing for £500 a year more…………..

Is that the best place to be making savings?

Much love,

Jon ‘Canterbury’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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