More than woman? [More than a woman to me]

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Regular readers of this blog will know that I often take inspiration for them from music.

One of the three things I regularly use to lift my mood.

Along with meditation and movement.

Three Ms innit?

I often ask Alexa to “play me some music please”.

Yes, I do say please to Alexa – mainly as part of my continued attempts to bring up children with excellent manners.

I sometimes call my wife ‘Alex h’ in the same way (lower case h so it sounds a bit like ‘Alex a’ of course).

She (Alexa) has started playing be The BeeGees quite a lot recently.

I don’t know why.

Never really listened to them before.

But they must fit in with what she knows I like.

She was playing me “More than a woman” the other day.

And the line that jumped out was;

“We can take forever, just a minute at a time”

Because that’s all we can do, isn’t it?

Any time period really.


8 years, 8 months, 8 weeks, 8 days or 8 hours.

Can only ever really be taken a minute at time.

Sure, we can plan for the future.

Learn from the past.

But all that actually exists is the here and now.

This minute we’re in.

And what we do in that minute is what adds up to us having the ‘forever’ that we want.

The only choices we can actually make are the ones right in front of us.

Around exercise, food choices or anything else.

It’s tempting to think they don’t matter.

That we can “leave it” for now.

But the future never really comes, as such.

There’s only ever really the present.

Those choices add up.

And realising that everything in life is a cumulation of lots of little decisions, all taken in the current minute………….

Will, hopefully, help us make more of those decisions that serve us well.

Much love,

Jon ‘Night Fever’ Hall

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