Take your minds out of the gutter people 😉

Nothing rude here!

I did a parachute jump on Sunday.

It was awesome 🙂

We also broke a world record on Saturday – you can check that out here if you like – www.facebook.com/video.php?v=738195889567614 🙂

But one thing that might be of particular interest to you guys is something they mentioned to us in the briefing.

The tandem instructors have to have done at least 800 jumps before they can accompany the likes of me on the way down.

Which initially surprised me.

But, thinking about it, you are, literally, putting your life in that person’s hands.

So, expecting such experience isn’t really unreasonable.

Maybe we should expect it in other important areas of your lives.

Like transforming your lives and bodies.

Should you take on a coach / Personal Trainer who’s done less than 800 workouts themselves?

Should they even be coaching / training people?

You could argue that “It’s only telling people how to exercise and how to eat and live”.

But you could argue a skydive instructor only has to fall out of a plane and pull a few toggles.

Kind of missing the finer nuances of doing it well and consistently.

There’s plenty of people out there promoting themselves as ‘experts’ who’ve done XYZ less than 800 times themselves.

And it probably fair to say 800 workouts of their own should only be entry level.

You probably need at least 800 sessions with a client before you become any good I’d have thought.

Gives that times to learn those finer points.

Not just of the ‘what’ to do.

But the ‘how’.

The psychology, motivation, support and so on.

Matt and I must be on several thousand sessions each by now

And we’re still learning.

From the guys who have even more experience.

So, if you’re trying to decide which approach to take (gym, slimming clubs, us, etc), then you could do worse than looking at experience as, at least, a factor.

Much love,

Jon ‘125mph from 12,000 ft’ Hall and Matt ‘0-60 in 4.1’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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