I’m sure most of us will have seen the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

Up there with The Queen parachuting in with James Bond was Mr Bean repeatedly playing a single note on the piano as he dreamt of running on the beach, a la Chariots Of Fire.

Much great music is made of a few select notes that go well together, repeated over and over.

The classic guitar riffs from the likes of AC/DC are only a couple of chords, repeated.

Imagine 27 different chords in a complex sequence.

Wouldn’t be anywhere near as powerful.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the same.

A few key behaviours that complement each other, repeated over and over.

People often end up complicating things.

And it loses its power.

It’s impact.

And they go off it.

Mastering and repeating a few basics will get most people a good 90% of the way there.

Half of the things that we see and head people doing, we wouldn’t bother with till that person is maybe 15% body fat for a man or 20% for a woman.

And the other half is nonsense we’d never bother with 😉

Do the two things week in, week out until you’re at those percentages.

1. Eat a balanced diet (one third of energy from carbs, fat and protein) of natural foods 95%+ of the time

2. Do interval based training 3 or 4 times a week


But powerful!

Put that classic combo together and only add other stuff when the progress from that slows.
Much love,

Jon ‘Can’t wait for the new Bond film later this year’ Hall and Matt ‘Preferred BlackAdder’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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