One particularly frustrating thing that we occasionally hear from people when they ask us what they need to do to lose weight is that they don’t believe in eliminating certain foods or food groups and would rather follow a ‘balanced diet’.

Now, we’d like to make it perfectly clear at this point that the only things we recommend removing from people’s diet are man made, processed foods and foods not native to this country, which we haven’t evolved on eating.


The foods we recommend will give people all the vitamins, minerals, macro and micro nutrients they will ever need. We successfully evolved for millions of years on these foods – there cannot be essential things missing in them that we can only get from foods that have been around for decades to a few thousand years, tops.


So what we recommend is a balanced diet of natural, fresh, healthy foods. We can never understand the thought process that adding certain man made (and usually unhealthy) foods into a diet will somehow make it ‘more balanced’.


So, next time you think you need to eat a certain thing as part of a balanced diet, please ask yourself if this is really true – is the good thing in it (often advertised as a health claim, such as “high in fibre” or “great source of Vitamin C”) not available elsewhere in a natural foodstuff which doesn’t also have the negatives of the man made food stuff (added sugar, high glycemic index, hydrogenated fats, additives, etc)? Will eating this make your diet more or less balanced?

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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