Some of you reading this may have been diagnosed with celiac disease.

Where your body reacts badly to gluten.

As found in bread, pasta, etc.

If not, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

Either way, on diagnosis, it is recommended that sufferers stop eating said bread, pasta, etc.

And, in the vast majority of cases, they find that much easier than you’d imagine.

Because there’s been a big shift in how they view those things.

In as long as it’s taken the doctor to explain, they’ve changed from ‘treat’ to ‘poison’.

That’s the thing that has been making them feel so bloated, itchy and generally crappy.

Stopping taking it is a no brainier.

They’ve gone through a very quick ‘cognitive reappraisal’.


No, we appreciate that such change in thinking is easier in such a case.

But you can still do it without such external impetus.

You just need to challenge your thought processes.

Question the beliefs about food that you hold to be true.

If certain a foods make you, over time, more overweight, less happy and healthy and so on.

Then are they really treats?

Or are they slowly poisoning you?

You don’t need to have a medically defined reaction or intolerance to something to mean it isn’t good for you.

If something contributes to you looking and feeling less good.

And something else does the opposite.

Then which one would you be best to see as the treat?

Much love,

Jon ‘Every rose has it’s thorn’ Hall and Matt ‘Talk dirty to me’ Nicholson


P.S. 5 points for those middle names 🙂


P.P.S. Only 11 days now to the find-out-more meeting – 🙂

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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