I mentioned in yesterday’s blog about how people’s reluctance to try something can be often underpinned by their lack of belief in themselves that they will do it.

It reminded me of an equation for “value” that I saw not long ago.

“Dream outcome” x “Perceived likely of achievement”
“Time delay” x “Effort and sacrifice!

So, basically, the more important the outcome is to us……..

The higher we see the likeliod of it happening………..

The lower the time delay……….

Are the less the perceived effort and sacrifice involved……….

The more valuable something appears to us.

If we had some health and fitness goals that were incredibly important to us and we felt the solution in front of us was very likely to get us there very quickly and with minimal effort, we’d be well up for that wouldn’t we?

We would value that more than something that bought results that we were less bothered about, that we felt unlikely to actually happen, would take a long time and a lot of effort.

But, in all of these cases, it’s what we perceive each of those factors to be that is key.

It’s ultimately our opinion of them that shapes how we feel about it.

And, in each of those cases, we can question that opinion.

Because the human brain can be very good at telling ourselves things that are, at best, only semi true.

Almost as a retroactive justification for our decisions.

We tell ourselves that actually “it’s not that big a deal” and we’re “happy as we are”.

Even though we know, deep down, that we’re not.

We tell ourselves that, like last time, we’re not going to see this through.

Even though it only takes one time of “seeing it through” to get, and stay, there.

We frame the time delay in a way that doesn’t serve us.

Getting dispirited that “It’ll take months at this rate”.

When it took years to do the opposite.

And that short of dying in the meantime, we’re going to get to that time in the future where we can either have made those changes or not.

And we obsess over this theoretically perfect version where we spend hours, exercising and cooking each week but neglect to do that knowingly sub-optimal version that takes a much more doable amount of time and effort.

Next time you’re getting dispirited about something, remember the value you see in it is dictated by that equation.

And question what you’re telling yourselves about it’s four components.

Much love,

Jon ‘Own brand’ Hall

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