In the “Decision making points” blog (aweek last Friday) I mentioned that “Better late than never” was one of my Grandpa’s “little sayings”.

And that he had others.

Some of which I now find myself repeating to my kids.

Because, as slightly “eye rolly” as they were / are (and my step-daughter has mastered the eye roll in my direction), they make great points.

I’m actually going to start with one of my Nanna’s though.

“A place for everything and everything in it’s place”.

I say this, or variations of it, to my kids all the time.

When they just put their stuff in random places.

And then have no idea where it is.

Or are furious that we’ve moved it, even though we probably saved it from getting broken by taking it off the middle of the kitchen floor.

“Just put your shoes in the shoe cupboard when you take them off and they’ll be there when you need them” is a particularly common variant.

Because, as I’ve come to realise, this approach is actually way easier.

It might take a few more seconds at one point…….

But it can save many minutes later on.

Often when you don’t actually have those minutes spare.

It’s a bit like a bit of tactical food prep.

I’m not talking hours spent on batch cooking 21 meals for the week.

But a bit of time here and there so that, come “hungry o clock”, the most convenient options are those that will help take our weight in the direction we want it to go in (notice I didn’t say “healthy” or “unhealthy” foods because that’s not really a thing)………..

Can actually save us time.

It’s less effort, not more.

5 minutes spent making a bit more of something when we’re already making it………

To save for later………

Might save 10 or 20 minutes AND enable a better choice.

10 or 20 minutes on a Sunday evening putting a bit of thought into what we need food wise for the week and doing an online food order………

Can save us 10 minutes each lunchtime popping to the vending machine / canteen / coffee shop.

And so on.

Just like putting something in it’s proper place can be a time saver, not a time cost……….

So can some spending time ahead of time on our food.

Much love,

Jon ‘The dirty clothes on the floor right next to their dirty clothes basket does get me’ Hall

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