The last few days of blogs have elicited a lot of really interesting replies.


I often say that the “what” of what we do is the easier bit.


The actual things you needs to do to get in better shape are rarely massively complicated.


And are generally available for free on YouTube.


What we do, and what these blogs are designed to help with is………


1. Help people make those changes relatively easily by adjusting habits, mindsets and self limiting beliefs rather than just giving them more stuff to do


2. Persuading people that some of the things need to be done or are worth doing


Change is always much easier when everyone sees the need for change.


As well as having a cool first name Jon Stegner was a manager at a company called Deere and Delphi.


He believed the company was wasting huge amounts of money and that his recommendations could save them about $1 billion over five years.


His initial attempts to convince people fell on deaf ears.


So he decided to take a different approach.


He got a student to find out how many different types of gloves were used at different stages of all the different manufacturing processes and how much they all cost.


They found that 424 different types of gloves were used in the company.


From six different suppliers.


And that some gloves that cost $17 were also being used elsewhere in the company, from a different supplier for $5.


He called the movers and shakers to a meeting where he had one pair of each of the 424 types of gloves placed on a table.


With their prices on.


“What they saw was a large expensive table, normally clean or with a few papers, now stacked high with gloves. Each of our executives stared at this display for a minute. Then each said something like, “We really buy all these different kinds of gloves?” Well, as a matter of fact, yes we do. “Really?” Yes, really. Then they walked around the table …. They could see the prices. They looked at two gloves that seemed exactly alike, yet one was marked $3.22 and the other $10.55. It’s a rare event when these people don’t have anything to say. But that day, they just stood with their mouths gaping.”


This approach was the instigator for huge company wide change and a massive driving down of costs.


Jon could, of course, approached this the normal way.


With PowerPoint presentation and Excel print offs.


But would that have had the same effect?




This unusual approach was instrumental in helping people see the need for change.


The need to do things differently to the way they’d always been done.


The need to do things differently to the way everyone else seemed to them.


Change is easier when you see the need more clearly.



And it’s the same with your life.


We’re not saying it needs changing.


Who would we be to make such a statement?


It’s up to you to decide that.


And if the change is worthwhile.


But it make take a different approach to help you see more clearly.


Maybe do the maths on something that seems innocuous.


That daily biscuit equates to 8.5lbs of body fat gained per year all else being equal (McVities Milk Chocolate Digestive calculation).


If you’re a ninja, next time you’re down at the club have a look at two of the models of 5lbs of body fat and see if you still feel the same way about changing that biscuit.


Look at how the choices made in eating and exercise in the past might be affecting the current sitaution with regards to energy for playing with the kids, sleep, stress levels, sex life, etc, etc.


Whatever’s important to you.


Find your equivalent of a table full of gloves.


And see how change feels then.



Much love,


Jon ‘Ghate’ Hall and Matt ‘Glike’ Nicholson




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