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Another problem we face with ‘not doing what we said we would’………


Is that we don’t always actually ‘say’ we’re going to do it.


We ‘kinda’ decide in our heads.


And don’t tell anyone.


Because we don’t want to feel like we’ve ‘failed’ if we don’t do it.


The Problem With no Accountability



The problem, of course, is it kinda doesn’t matter then if we do it or not.


We do it and no really knows.


We don’t and no one notices.




We’re probably more likely to not do it, no?


We set a realistic process goal………


And we tell people who’s opinion we care about that we ARE going to do it……..


And we are, again, waaaaayyyyyyy more likely to do it.


Again, not 100%.


But much, much more likely (visit the Briefing Meeting page to take the next step at RISE in Macclesfield for an approach to personal training and weight loss that has a success rate many, many times higher than the industry average of 5-10%).


I often announce my intentions on Facebook.


Because I know that means I’m more likely to then do whatever ‘it’ is.


Telling my wife and kids makes it virtually guaranteed.


Your Level of Accountability


Your level of accountablity is personal to you.


But, there will be an approach that works for you.


Just the right level of ‘pressure’.


Of not wanting to let certain people down.


A perfectly achievable goal……..


With people who will notice and care if you do or don’t do it.


Much love,


Jon ‘Married to an Accountant’ Hall and Matt ‘Married to the mob’ Nicholson



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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