So – I was definitely talking to Adam on Saturday night.


Adam of the ‘Adam’s Chicken Wednesdays‘ article fame.


I’ve known Adam and his girlfriend Alex (another one) for a couple of years now.


Don’t get to see them all that often as they’re in for sessions at different times to when I’m in mostly.


Adam was telling me he’d enjoyed the ‘I ate a duck‘ article.


And that he and Alex had started increasing the variety of the foods they eat.


Thinking more outside the box than the usual meats and veg most people have 99% of the time.


After all, rotating you foods is far better for the body than sticking to a limited number of food choices.


I’ll talk to you tomorrow about why food rotation has died out actually.


Adam and Alex recently got a pheasant and a partridge from the butcher.


Full bird, which they plucked, gutted, cooked and ate.


Which I thought was cool.


I’m not sure I fancy the plucking and gutting it bit to be honest.


I’m slightly scarred on such things you see.


I was bought up on a private estate as my Dad was the estate farmer.


And when the gamekeeper went round he’s leave a couple of dead birds hung up by the front door for my mum to cook.


So, limboing under dead pheasants was a regular past time for me.


But eating a good variety of meats (and nuts and fruit and veg and so on) is awesome.


Remember – think outside the box.


With all the different things you can eat, the different combinations and different cooking methods, there is a near unlimited number of meals you can have.


Much love,


Jon ‘I’m going to start calling him Adam Partridge’ Hall and Matt ‘Flips him over, and he fu …. and funnily enough, it lands on its wheels, and it starts first time and they just drive away’ Nicholson


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