I mentioned on Monday about John, one of the new 28 Dayers at Macclesfield, taking his first step in transforming his life.


Got loads of cool responses from other 28 Dayers, longer term members and others about changing lives.


Got a particularly cool one from Adele, one of the 28 Dayers at Buxton.


You see Adele has recently found herself in a very similar situation to many when they first come to us.


In Adele’s own words:


“I used to have dreads, big pink ones… I used to be fairly slim but not fit, i love clothes, unique clothes, unusual outfits… well you get the picture.

So, I had kids… Three of the darlings…I learned, sewing, costume design and believe it or not a bit of wig making.  I became fat and unhealthy.  A mum who could make cool things for her kids but ultimately not living the dream.  Not showing her true colours.  I don’t stand out from the crowd and you certainly wouldn’t pick me out from a line-up for being ‘a secret superhero’!”

After the birth of my son, in april last year, I was searching for myself…Was this the sum of my life now?  What was the point of doing all those things in my youth?  And then the eureka moment!  My plan is set, the journeys end became very clear.  I am going to be a cosplayer model!  I will hone my unfit body to look like all those wonderful marvel women I used to draw and admire.  I will make and wear the amazing costumes and once again have cartoon like hair (if only temporarily in the form of a wig).  I’ve managed to lose two stone on my own.  But now I need help.  So that’s why I’m with you guys.  I figured anyone who’s dream was to be a professional wrestler would totally understand where I’m coming from!

I’m super excited for Adele and can’t wait to see her transformation.


She’s taken that difficult first step and the journey is under way 🙂


I was bought up in a family of strong men.


Most boys think there Dad is the strongest Dad in school.


Mine probably was.


I always saw him as a great example of what a man should be – collected, stoical, steady, reliable.


A patient and loving husband and father.


And big and strong.


There’s a picture of me that I can’t find, aged about 4, dressed up as Mr. Strong (of the Mr. Men).


I used to love wrestling on a Saturday afternoon, World’s Strongest Man (until Geoff Capes slapped me around the head twice – but that’s another story), Gladiators and so on.


I still shout up the stairs to my girlfriend Alex (on the odd occasion she’s late – she reads these emails) “AJ Reeeaddddyyyyy?”


But I was a chubby little kid.


Never any good at sport.


Asthma and hayfever.


Usually picked last for anything that involved being physical.


I’ve mentioned before that my 21st Birthday was my Eureka moment – the day I decided I was going to pursue my dream of becoming a pro wrestler.


For those that haven’t heard the story, I did ok.


350 pro matches and two WWE try-outs.


Like Adele is now, I realised it was never to late to become what you always wanted to be.


It’s the same for you guys – 3 kids isn’t stopping Adele.


It’s only delayed her a little.


Never let the dream die – if you’re not already on the journey, take step one now!


If we can help you in any way, let us know.


If you want to find our more about transforming your life and body with us, there’s still some places left at the free briefing meetings at the end of the month.


A friendly, no pressure chat and presentation over a cuppa, you can apply here.



Much love


Jon “3 of my friends were the ‘new’ Gladiators” Hall


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