We’ve mentioned before about the double edged sword that is Facebook.

Great for interacting with and helping lots of people.
But also a haven for trolls who like to try and pick arguments.
About what exactly is the best percentage split of protein, fats and carbs.
Or what percentage of one rep max is best to use.
There’s lots of people in our industry who would seem to rather argue minor points of Facebook then actually get some clients and help change people’s lives.
The calorie model is a big one.
You may have noticed that we encourage a move away from thinking of weight loss as calories in vs. calories out.
And focus more on quality and balance of food.
And sleep, stress, hydration, etc.
Doesn’t mean we think calories are completely irrelevant.
Just that the calories first approach isn’t one we’re fans of.
Had someone commenting on a post the other day.
Reminding us that “you can’t create or destroy energy”.
And that “All other things being equal, if you consume less calories or burn more, you will lose weight”.
Clearly true.
But the problem lies in the “All other things being equal” bit.
Because they rarely are.
People who try to eat less crappy food often find they struggle to continue to be as active.
Long term.
The fatigue and low mood means they often don’t keep the gym visits up.
And just generally “get less done” in the day.
Those who just try to do more exercise often end up eating a little more.
Making the whole thing balance out, from a calorie perspective.
And, as an approach, the calorie model often isn’t much fun.
It’s more about restricting yourself.
And making yourself do more of something you don’t neccessarily like.
That’s why we focus on the whole thing being fun, enjoyable and maintainable.
We find the calorie thing often takes care of itself if people are eating healthily, are well hydrated, ministers stress, improve sleep and do a form of exercise that they enjoy.
So – next time someone reminds you about “Calories in vs. calories out”, remember that “all other things” aren’t always equal.
Much love,
Jon ‘Calpol’ Hall and Matt ‘Callesthetics’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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