“All this stressing over two metres”

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For the last eight months I’ve not been within a metre of anyone outside of my family.

At least not for a more than a second or two.

And very rarely within two metres.

And nearly always then with a face covering.

This isn’t the place to get into a discussion over social distancing and other COVID related issues.

A large part of my reasoning is “I may as well”.

It’s very rarely hard to keep that distance.

And it may have some benefit.

Whether that’s from minimising the risk of catching it or passing it on………

Or, from a purely selfish perspective, so I don’t have to self isolate.

If someone gets within two metres of me, I’ll step away.

No biggie, but I might as well.

I’ve had the following phrase (or variations of it) in response several times;

“All this stressing over two metres”

The thing is though, I’m not “stressing”.

Just stepping backwards.

As I said, it’s no biggie in my mind.

Just something I’m choosing to do.

The very worst thing that could possibly happen is it won’t make any difference and I’ll have just ‘wasted’ a number of fairly small leg movements out of the millions I’ll have made in the same time frame.

Stress, in this case, is entirely optional.

As it is in many.

None more so than our food choices.

It can be hugely stressful trying to make those better choices that’ll help us lose weight, get healthier, etc.

Or we could just do it.

Without stress.

Just do the equivalent of making a decision to keep two metres from people.

Not stressing about it.

Not talking it up in our heads to be this big thing.

Just choosing to do it.

Much love,

Jon ‘1.89m’ Hall

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Jon Hall

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