“I want it all. And I want it now.”


From “I want it all”.


Another great song by Queen.


Fully understandable.


Current generations expect and want ‘it all’ much more than previous ones.


Most people expect a certain standard of life now.


House, car, big TV, holidays, weekends off, etc.


Much more than the average person expected a hundred years ago.


And that’s awesome in a lot of ways.


The problem can often arise when people want, and expect things that are ‘mutually exclusive’.


Things that can’t happen at the same time.


Like eating and living a certain way and having the body, health, etc they’d like.


I’m sure most (if not all) of our success stories would love to be able to eat more cake, biscuits, etc.


Drink more alcohol.


Not workout.


Have more time in bed in the morning rather than prepping a healthy breakfast.


Spend a bit less time and money on food.


And still have bodies that looked, felt, functioned and lasted as they’d like.


But they can’t.


When people accept that, in some areas, they can’t have it all.


That’s when they really make a breakthrough.


When they look at the options and decide which is really more important to them.


When they really look at as a choice between cake, biscuits, booze, convenience, etc………


And feeling good, liking how their body looks, sleeping better, less aches, pains and bloatedness, better sex life, living longer, etc………


It becomes an easy choice.


If you could gave both, it would have worked by now, wouldn’t it?


Sure, some people seem to be able to have both.


But most don’t.


If you’re not one of them, accepting that and deciding which is more important to you……..


Can lead to quantum leaps in your results.



Things become a lot less appealing when you really accept their ‘cost’.



Much love,


Jon ‘Quite like Queen’ Hall and Matt ‘Of The Stone Age’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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