Last Friday’s ‘Is Rachel bulky?’ email got the most opens and responses in a quite a while.


Got one great response last night that I’ve just read now.


From Angela:


“Hi guys.


Think I’ve finally run out of excuses. Can I join the challenge briefing in October please!




Which was awesome!


As with many of the people that start with us Angela has been on the email list for a little while.


Very few people feel ready to try something different like this out the first time they get chance.


We’ve had people on the list for a number of years before they’ve made it any further.


And we often get replies along these lines.


Which is one of the reason we do these emails.


We know people need to develop a certain level of trust with us first.


To see a certain amount of ‘proof’ of what we do.


And often, to get their heads in the right place.


Angela’s reply was spot on.


She’d realised that she’d run out of excuses.


That the reasons she’d been giving herself for not doing something weren’t completely valid.


We all do it.


It’s a daily thing.


We’re taught it from a young age.


By parents.


By teachers.


By other kids.


By our peers as we grow older.


To give reasons why we aren’t doing / haven’t done something.


But very rarely are these reasons completely black or white.


Sure work, family, injuries, illness and so on can (and do) make things harder.


But very rarely do they make them impossible.


That bedroom we didn’t tidy could have been tidied.


That homework that was late could have been on time.


That deadline we missed could have been hit.


That healthy food could have been eaten and that exercise done.


The reasons we gave weren’t really valid.


We just hadn’t done it.


We’d chosen to do other things with the resources (time, money, energy, etc) available to us.


As always, that’s our choice.


We’d never preach to someone what they ‘should’ do.


But when, like Angela, we realise that the reasons we’re giving are just ‘excuses’, it is empowering.


That’s when change starts to happen.


And that’s when we get what we actually want.


We’re looking forward to seeing Angela at the next find-out-more Briefing Meeting.


If you’re ‘out of excuses’ too and want to find out more about the FREE ’20lbs in 8 weeks’ or ‘Beach Body’ (for those with less than 20lbs to lose) challenges, then here’s the link:


Much love,


Jon ‘Excuse Me’ Hall and Matt ‘Excused’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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