Feels like there is a devil and angel on your shoulder sometimes doesn’t it?


Lets say you see some cake at work….


Angel says: Don’t do it you will regret it later


Devil: Go on just 1 bite wont hurt


Angel: But you know its bad for you


Devil: But it tastes so good


Angel: Don’t listen to him he just wants to make you fat


Devil: You only live once


Angel: Ye but for how long listening to that idiot….




It’s a constant battle with yourself how to make the right choices as especially with fat loss and fitness etc.


And most of the time it’s a losing battle let me explain why.


Work: People at work just want to eat cake and drink tea and coffee? Right or wrong?

Home: Everyone wants to chill with a wine or beer and have some comfort food after a hard days work.


Kids: People think that kids HAVE to drink pop and have crisps everyday…like its some law or something? You ever been to a kids party where someone actually cooked some nutritious food for your child? I have yet to.


Friends: Which sounds more familiar?


Friend: Shall we go out tonight or stay in and have a take away?

Friend: Shall we cook a nice meal together and go for a nice walk in the country?



See what I mean?


Everywhere you turn people are trying to make you fatter….its a constant battle for everyone so you’re not alone.



I recently had a family BBQ when we was hot last week.


They could not get there head around that I was not eating the cheap nasty bread or the shite beer? I am happy with my ribs, chicken wings, burgers and corn on the cob thanks and a massive glass of water because it was realllly hot. I even caught a tan which I never do.


Looking around at the people I was with…


Mum: Now overweight

Mum’s Fella: 2 heart operations and very overweight

Step bro 1: Not fat but bit of a gut and he’s younger than me

Step bro G/F: She was in good shape actually

My G/F: Like trying to get blood out of a stone her trying to listen to me but she is  very beautiful so I will let her off.


SO I was by far the best in shape there and they were questioning ME why I was not eating that shite?


Funny that isn’t it?






Think about that for a second. Who wants to just get fat on there own?


Hope this all makes sense…then you can open your eyes to the world around you and see how bad its getting.


I am no freak…I enjoy a drink…bit of cake now and then…just not alllllllll the time.


One thing to take away from this.


Think of the people around you…do they make you fatter? Or get you closer to your goal?


If it’s the first then maybe think about A: condition them to STOP making you fatter or B: Kill them….joke…A is a better option ( I think )


If it’s a try things like this…


Work: Sorry Bill please stop asking me if I want cake or brews, am trying to finally be happy with my body and I could do with your help…ASK them for there help so it does not seem you are being rude…people want to help you remember.


Home: Husband/Wife: Ok shall we just drink once a week not lets say Saturdays…and make nice home cooked food from here 6 days a week www.30daysfatloss.co.uk  them maybe have sex as a bit of exercise (worth a try right? )


Kids: Its important you are a role model for them…teach them about real food.  How to cook…about fruit and vegetables and real meats. They will appreciate it in the long run.


Friends: Offer to entertain and cook a nice meal from the cookbook…..impress them 😉


Anyway this should go out on Monday if my admin guy does the right job so I am going to cheer you up with some funny shite.


50 best jokes ever!






Matt “No cake at my work” Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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