Another non usage proof I hadn’t noticed [Not the how many members they have one]

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I’ve mentioned before that conventional gym models are built on none usage.

Only about 20% of the members going particularly regularly.

The other 80% subsidising the membership for them.

It’s simple maths to figure this out.

Local Globo Gym has 3,500 members.

If everyone comes three times a week, that’s 10,500 member visits.

They’re open 6.30am to 10pm in the week and 8 to 8 at the weekends.

101.5 hours.

An average of over 100 people in the club at any time.

They don’t have anywhere near enough space or equipment for that many people.

Social distancing or not.

Another thing I just figured out doesn’t add up…………

And probably should’ve done after nearly 20 years in the Fitness Industry……..

Is the “Monthly programme reviews for all members”.

Even if there’s two Fitness Instructors available at all times (there’s not) and each review takes 30 minutes………..

And they had no other tasks to do than programme reviews (they do)……….

Then you’re looking at a programme review every four to five months per member.

More like double that in reality.

The model is built on non usage.

And, therefore, lack of results.

There’s even a term in the ‘Fitness Industry’………

“Waking the dead”.

Where you stop contacting people after they’ve not been in for a few months.

Because it’ll just remind them they’ve got a DD to cancel.

Our model is built on usage.

On results.

On enjoying the process.

I often say to the coaches that if people are getting good results………….

And enjoying themselves…………..

They’ll probably stay.

And probably tell their friends.

And everything else just, kinda, works out.

If they aren’t getting results and / or aren’t enjoying it…………

Everything else just falls apart over time.

So, if you’re a member already and haven’t been doing as many sessions as you’d like……..

We’d love to see you.

Go get booked in now.

Much love,

‘Average Jon’s’ Hall

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