I was at a Christening in Liverpool a week last Sunday.


The aunt and uncle of the baby are expecting their second.


I was talking to them about how funny they look when they’re first born.


And I showed them a picture of what Jamie, my youngest, looked like when he was born.


He had a condition called Harlequin Baby.


It apparently affects about one in a million babies.


The staff at the hospital had all heard of it, but never seen it.


Neither had Jamie’s mum and grandad, who are both doctors.


It only lasts a few days, but Harlequin Babies are born with different coloured patches of skin.


Something to do with oxidation of the blood.


Jamie’s example was particularly clear.


A perfect line right down the middle of his entire body and head.


One side purple, one side pale white.


Check him out art a few hours old in the picture to the top right or by clicking here.




We’re all one in a million though.


One in seven billion really.


You’re the only you in the whole world.


It’s easy to think we’re nothing special.


To think others are better than us.


As they’ll always be someone who is ‘better’ than us a one specific factor we could measure ourselves in.


You know – earns more money, is slimmer, or taller or some other characteristic that some might feel is more desirable.


But no one else in the whole world has the exact same experiences, values, viewpoints and so on as you.


No one else can be you.


No one can be what you are to the people in your life.


You owe it to yourself to be the best you that you can be.


Don’t compete with others, but you can compete with yourself.


To be an ever better you.


Life is a journey, not a destination.


And, if you’re going in the right direction, it can be a hell of a ride.



Jon ‘I remember thinking “Who does she know who’s half purple, half white?” Hall and Matt ‘Unique’ Nicholson


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