I’ve talked before in these blogs about how I’m not convinced that self-sabotage is a thing.

At least not in the vast majority of cases when we say that’s what we’re doing.

Usually when we make a decision that isn’t in line with what we’ve set out to do……..

You know, eating loads and getting drunk usually…….

We haven’t done it for the downside it creates.

We’ve done it in spite of the downsides.

For the perceived benefits.

We don’t do the things that make us gain weight because we want to gain weight.

We do in spite of the fact it makes us gain weight.

If we were purely looking to sabotage our results, then it would be much easier and cheaper to do that by eating lard and sugar.

What we’re doing is not self-sabotaging.

It’s self-soothing.

We’re eating or drinking that thing to make ourselves feel better.

When we realise that, it can change how we see it.

Just changing that label can help us question what we’re doing.

We’re not self-sabotaging.

We just want to feel a bit better.

We’re self-soothing.

And it might just be that the other things that we can do to make ourselves feel better……..

That don’t have that same downside.

Much love,

Jon ‘Starfield’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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