We’ve all been there.


Many, many times over the years.


Where you do something, almost of auto-pilot.


You know – scoff that biscuit at work, have a quick slice of cake, open a bottle when you get home…….


Without really thinking about it.


Or, even worse, we consciously plan to NOT do something……..


Then end up doing it anyway.


We say “No booze / biscuits / crappy food today”.


Then end up having it……..


And feeling guilty about it.


We often feel like we’re “out of control” don’t we?


And get, at least, somewhat annoyed with ourselves because of this!


We all do it.


There’s many a time we feel we’re getting out of control.


But, the thing is, each and everyone of us IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL.




We choose every single thing we ever do.


Our brains, and our brains alone, fire the signals that cause the physical movements that end up with us eating and drinking in a certain way.


We’re not saying those choices are easy.


Far from it much of the time.


But we do have control over those choices.


Every single one of them.


If the incentivisation was there, we’d make the better choice, I’m sure.


If there was a gun to our head, we’d find the control to make the right decision.


An extreme example, of course.


But it helps us question the self limiting belief that we don’t have control.


We just need to figure out how and when to exert it.


Again, easier said than done.


But a step in the right direction 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Ctrl Alt Del’ Hall and Matt ‘Mission Control’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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