All but the least observant of you will have noticed that we’re big fans of getting results as quickly as possible.


Not short-term, quick fixes like.


But making the long term changes as quickly as can be effective done.


But, the journey can still be a long one.


Getting all the way to the body you desire can take time.


Different people respond at different speeds.


Particularly those who have been damaged by years of yo-yo dieting.


Last week, on Coaching Day, we were chatting to one of our ninjas.


Her progress over the previous month had been ok.


Particualrly to say it had been Christmas.


But it wasn’t quite what she had wanted.


“It’ll take me all year at this rate” she said.


“Are you planning on dying this year?” I responded.




You see, short of dying, we’ll get to this time next year either way.


Or three months time.


Or however long it’s going to take.


That time will pass.


Quicker than we’d like.


Think back to last January – doesn’t seem long ago, does it?


So, we have two choices.


Get to then and be in the same place (or worse) than we are now.


Or get to then and have achieved our goals.


Option 1 won’t save any time.


So you might as well go for Option 2.



Much love,


Jon ‘My youngest son informed me the other day that I am going to die on my next birthday so I should’t bother having it. I have 5 weeks’ Hall and Matt ‘Nearly died of boredom while off with the shingles’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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