One of the most important lessons I have ever learnt in life is that “everything that ever happens to us is a consequence of our actions”. Whilst I will always accept the actions of others and natural variations in life play an important role, everything that happens to us is heavily influenced by our choices – by what we do, or do not do.


No where is this more applicable then in the case of our body shape and physiques. Presumably you have never accidentally eaten food? Therefore your achievement of weight loss goals is down to the things you have chosen to put into your mouth (or chosen not to). However, the good news is that you have probably being labouring under some of the mountains of miss-information that is out there.

You may have tried the “eat less, exercise more” method recommended by most supposed experts. Whilst you may have achieved some degree of short tem success with this, I imagine (due to the fact that you are reading this article) that this hasn’t led to long term, maintained weight loss. At the RISE Group and 1:1 Personal Training Studio in Buxton, Derbyshire we nearly always have to re-educate our clients on what they really need to do to lose weight and keep it off.


Below are numerous things that we would recommend to you if you were wanting to gain weight. Interestingly enough, these very suggestions are often given in the media and even by supposed experts such as gym instructors (even some Personal Trainers), health clubs, nutrionists, dieticians, and so on.


Do lot’s of low intensity steady state cardiovascular training

Charles Poliquin’s great article “The (Many) Negatives of Aerobic Training” (click here for the full article) explains why low intensity cardio training can increase body fat levels, but in summary, the three main reasons are:

Aerobic Training Raises Cortisol and Accelerates Aging

More Inflammation and Oxidative Stress from Chronic Aerobic Exercise

Acute Oxidative Stress and Cortisol Elevation from Aerobic Exercise

Long-Term Aerobic Exercise Compromises Immune System


Have cereal, toast and orange juice for breakfast

High carb meals cause the body to product more insulin. The more insulin you produce, the more readily you will store body fat. This breakfast is recommended by people who’s definition of healthy is “low fat”. Remember, fat does not make you fat – hormonal levels do. And carbohydrates drives insulin which drives fat accumulation.

The best time of day to drive fat gain is to have your carb heavy meal first thing (ie: breakfast).

To minimise fat accumulation, go high protein


Eat low fat

Whilst it is true that a high fat diet is bad for you, a low fat diet is worse then medium fat intake. You may have heard of essential fats – we need certain fats in our diet for our bodies to function properly. The only fats you need to avoid are Trans Fats.

Also, when you go low fat, you inevitably go higher carb, which makes you fatter (see above). Remember – dietary fat doesn’t make you fat.


If you would like to find out what you need to do to lose and keep off body fat, then see our page on the Bio Signature Modulation (click here) method we use to determine why you store body fat and what you need to do about it. Then fill in your details in the box to the right of the screen, email or call 01298 918917  to request your free one week pass or consultation or for more information.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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