In yesterday’s blog I mentioned about our “society’s somewhat skewed definition of “worthwhile””.

Every day we’re exposed to stories of people making amazing achievements.

Holding down high pressure jobs whilst single handily raising a large family of immaculately behaved kids.

Changing the world with what they do.

Performing insane feats of physical endurance and strength.

Overcoming life threatening illness whilst starting a new business and writing a book.

And all these things are great.

They really are.

But when we’re constantly exposed to them, it’s easy to feel somewhat “less than”, isn’t it?

Our achievements feel less “worthwhile” don’t they.

Or not at all worthwhile?

Not even achievements perhaps?

But it’s not a fair comparison is it?

Comparing our day to day to a specially selected (and probably one sidedly reported) list of ‘achievements’.

Like being annoyed at ourselves when we don’t run 100m in under 10 seconds when we’ve still run 100m.

All the following things can have massive value.

And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

– Getting up and facing the day when you’d much rather curl up in bed and pretend it isn’t happening

– Making it through the day without exploding at some combination of “moronic colleague”, “frustrating child”, “inconsiderate other half” or any one of the dozens of other people you encounter that seem to make things harder than they have to be

– Eating in a small calorie deficit (or maintenance or even a smaller than could’ve been surplus) when you really want to nail that tub of Ben and Jerry’s and bar of Dairy Milk on the sofa

– Doing a five minute body weight workout at home or a half hearted session at RISE when your really couldn’t be bothered (it’s if you want help with the last two things and more)

– Doing enough to keep your life (and the lives of those that rely on you) going for another day

– Paying the bills and keeping a roof over the family’s head

– Doing all those little things just a bit better than you might have done if you’d have listened to that voice in your head that’s tempted to jack it all in

The kind of achievements you read about on social media are cool.

But all those little things you do on a daily basis that no one (probably not even yourself) notices are achievements too.

No less worthwhile than any other.

Much love,

Jon ‘Are Werther’s Originals something you get into when you get old or did people get into them years ago and no new young people like them?’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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