In an unusual development, I haven’t gone for one of the usual ‘intriguing’ blog titles here.


You know, the ones that make you wonder what it’s going to say, rather than giving you it all in the title.


Hopefully you’ve read yesterday’s blog and are on the edge of your seat with excitement at finding out all about Autonomy?




Nope, this one just does ‘what it says on the tin’.


As a side note, next Monday’s blog is called ‘Does exactly what it says on the tin’.


## Do you see what I’ve done there? Created an ‘open loop’ in your head. We don’t like things incomplete. And, hopefully, you’ll need to ‘close that loop’ by reading next Monday’s blog ##


I want you to be able to find this one (and the others) pretty easily, either by searching for Autonomy in your emails or knowing it’s at


Because, the more you remember this and understand it and see it in your life…………


The easier it will be to become and stay motivated.


Are we sitting comfortably?


Let’s begin.


Here’s what I understand Autonomy to mean in this context.


The feeling that you are in control of your own choices.


You are the master of your own destiny.


And that you see the value of your choices in terms of your outlook and beliefs.


The opposite to autonomy is to be controlled or coerced.


Or to not see that value in certain decisions.


So, if you’re thinking about losing weight (or anything else) because someone else thinks you should, your autonomy will be thwarted.


Another half, a doctor, a colleague, a friend.


If anyone but you is the number one ‘pusher’ of something, you are less likely to do those things for long enough to get somewhere.


If you don’t see how certain behaviours tie into what you’re after, that won’t help.


If you don’t fully understand why a certain exercise has been recommend………


Or why a certain changes to your eating are suggested………


You’ll be unlikely to be motivated to do them.


If you’re given an exercise programme by a gym instructor or a friend or off the internet and you don’t fully see why that is the right programme for you to achieve your goals and why……….


If you have a ‘diet’ that you don’t quite get ‘why it works’……….


Or if, as a member, we don’t help you ‘get’ why we’re doing and recommending the things we are………


You’ll be less motivated to do them.


Ultimately if you feel anything that you’re doing is anything less than 100% exactly what you want to do……….


Because you see the value in doing it…….


Your Autonomy and, therefore, your motivation will be thwarted.


If you can see any of that in your reasons for struggling to stay motivated with something……..


Then that’s somewhere to start.


Question what’s going on there.


Question why you’re really doing, or thinking of doing something.


Question why that particular thing.


Ask if you’re not sure.


Us, or whoever else.


The more you ‘feel’ autonomous (along with the things I’ll cover in the next two days)………


The easier it is to stay motivated 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Automaton’ Hall and Matt ‘Autbot’ Nicholson




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