That Baloo the bear was a wise one.


Since we went to Disney Land Paris in April the kid’s favorite CD to have on in the car has been a Disney one.


And one of their favourite songs (after ‘Jai Hoi’ by the Pussey Cat Dolls – no joke) is The Jungle Book song ‘The Bare Necessities’.


In it, Baloo sings about forgetting “about your troubles and your strife” and concentrating on the ‘bare necessities’ of life.


It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all the images we’re presented with on a daily basis of what our lives should be like.


The things we should own and what we should be doing.


If we don’t have lives like the Kardashians (I still have no idea who they are and am very pleased about this), then we’re somehow lacking.


That stuff doesn’t matter.


It doesn’t make you happy long term.


Owning stuff may make a short term increase in your happiness, but like slipping in to a hot bath, you soon acclimatize and don’t really notice it.


My mate treated himself to a new Audi TT the other day.


When I asked him how it was, he said “I don’t really notice it anymore”.


Concentrate on getting your health, personal relationships (family and friends) and inner happiness in order.


And then you may find that the other things you want kind of fall into place when these are sorted.


Much love,


Jon ‘Mancub’ Hall


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