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Many of you will know that I’ve put my body through a lot over the years.


Over 350 pro-wrestling matches being the main source of abuse.


I have protrusions on the vertebrae in my neck and all sorts of niggles and pains.


Hurts to some degree 24 hours a day.


I was at my high diving lesson the other Sunday (I took this up last year and am entering my first competition three weeks tomorrow).


Eating in Moderation


And after about an hour I was struggling with my back.


I had a long stretch, did a couple more dives and decided to leave it at that.


I told the coach, who replied “Very wise. Better one dive too few than one too many”


Which I thought was a great expression.


Better one too few than one too many.


Applies to most things in life I reckon.


Those ‘one too manys’ are often the cause of our problems.


And, rarely, do they provide much extra enjoyment.


Eating in Moderation


Do we enjoy gorging on chocolate much (if at all) more than a moderate amount?


Does that last drink or two add much fun to the evening?


That extra bit of cake, biscuit, etc?


If it does, it’s very diminishing returns.


There’s some studies that suggest we get 90% of the enjoyment of food from the first three mouthfuls (check out RISE in Macclesfield if you like the idea of an approach where nothing is ‘banned’ and balance is key – eating in moderation).


Always worth remembering – better one too few than one too many 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘I’m in the novice and old category for the competition – no Tom Daleys’ Hall and Matt ‘Livin Thing’ Nicholson


P.S.5 points for Matt’s middle name.



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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