Got tagged in a question from Bill, who started with us last month, t’other day.

‘Tongue in cheek’ily asking if Blueberry Muffins were ok.

As blueberries were ‘good’, did they cancel out the ‘badness’ of the muffins.

He was, of course, joking.

At least I hope you were Bill 😉

But it’s a general concept that is quite ingrained in our society.

That healthy food somehow balances out unhealthy food so everything is ok.

You know – having a sugar laden pudding because you had a salad main.

Putting the one good ingredient in something’s name to make it sound ok – carrot cake, fruit juices that contain very little fruit,

Mika sang ‘Diet Coke and a Pizza please’ (although we’d argue about the DC being healthy).

And a lot of foods will be described in the one way that makes them sound ok, ignoring all the other stuff that’s not.

‘Low fat’ products that are laden in sugar, salt and other crap.

‘Fortified with Vitamin X’ which means it’s been sprayed with often low-bioavailability (the body can’t use them much) vitamins but is still, actually utter garbage.

‘High in ABC’ when it’s actually far higher in XYZ which isn’t good.

And so on.

Unfortunately the body doesn’t work that way.

Putting crap in it generally means it will do less with any good stuff in receives.

Messing your hormone balance up with crappy stuff will do that to you.

Put you in more of a fat storage mode.

Which the good stuff won’t be able to pull you out of.

You get the idea.

‘Bad’ stuff isn’t cancelled out by ‘Good’ stuff.

And things that are described as healthy is someway, aren’t necessarily so.

Much love,

Jon ‘Arsenic is low fat, 100% natural and has no added sugar’ Hall and Matt ‘That door is high in fibre’ Nicholson

Blueberries don’t cancel out muffins – Diet Coke and Pizza please Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

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