“Bobby Smith says science is life”

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There’s a lad in my eldest son’s class.

We’ll call him Bobby Smith.

Because, you know, I probably shouldn’t name random kids in stuff published on t’internet.

Apparently he’s the smartest boy in the year.

My son often quotes him.

“Bobby Smith says……..” he’ll say.

The other week the kids were talking about science.

And the two older boys made retching noises.

Indicating they don’t like science.

I think ‘science’ gets a bad rap sometimes.

I get that some of it (at school particularly) wasn’t always interesting.

But, to me, science is the study of why and how things happen.

And we all like to know how and why some things happen.

So we all like some science, surely?

When I said this, Oli replied with “Bobby Smith says science is life”.

“Sounds like a smart lad” I replied.

Science is life.

As is strength.

Which also gets a bad rap sometimes.

When we think of strength it’s tempting to think of just people lifting really heavy weights.

World’s Strongest Man off the tele.

Eddie Hall deadflifting.

Powerlifting at the Olympics.

That kinda thing.

And whilst we appreciate it’s impressive, most of us probably don’t feel that it’s something that we want to do.

But, to me at least, strength is our body being physically able to do what we want it to do.

To do the things that are important to us as well as we’d like to.

Work, family life and everything else.

To get through the day / week / year feeling we did everything we could.

That we weren’t held back by a lack of energy and endurance.

One definition of strength is “the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure”.

Our lives are full of great force and pressure.

Usually not mega high intensity, short bursts like a one rep max on a deadlift.

But moderately high force and pressure sustained for days / weeks / years on end.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t lift weights so that I can lift heavier dumbbells, barbells and the like.

I do it so I can play with my kids, run the house, be there for those that need me and more………

To the best of my ability.

Without running out of energy.

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Ultimately, there’s no right and wrong way.

If seeing “strength” as “lifting heavy weights” works for you, that’s awesome.

If you’re not that bothered by that then, maybe, seeing it as……….

“Strength is life”……….

Might work better for you ๐Ÿ™‚

Much love,

Jon ‘Uncle Eddie’ Hall

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