This morning I was taking one the sessions down a T’RISE .


It was actually yesterday morning as I am writing this on Tuesday – sneaky, heh?


And the song ‘Born A Champion’ by Chipmunk came on.


I listened properly to the lyrics for the first time.


And it made me do the old think-eroo!


About being ‘born a champion’.


Or being born anything.


It’s a double edged sword thinking about being born a certain way.


It can be hugely positive.


Accepting that certain aspects of us are the way we were born and embracing and celebrating that, rather than denying, hiding or apologising for it.


But it’s a thought process that we can also use to place self limiting beliefs on ourselves.


For those that didn’t know I was fat until my early 20s.


Crap at sport too!


I used to think I was just born that way.


I see now, in retrospect, that wasn’t true.


I didn’t eat well.


And although I did exercise, those who were in better shape than me exercised more / better.


Over the years we’ve met countless people who feel aspects of their life that they don’t like are just the way they were born.


They may have always been overweight.


Maybe had overweight parents.


But, ultimately, they are never eating or exercising as well as they could be.


We’ll freely admit genetic differences can make the journey easier or harder.


I’ve met many people who eat crap and don’t train who are in good shape (at least on the outside).




But, ultimately, genetics only set the maximum level someone can achieve.


And what they need to do to get there.


And how many people are actually at the maximum level they could reach, in terms of health, physique, etc?


Not me.


Maybe 0.001% of the population?


For the rest of us there’s still stuff we can do to be in better shape.


We may decide it’s not worth it.


That’s cool – it’s everyone’s choice.


But you can’t really blame genes / the way you were born if you’re not doing what needs to be done.


Someone can’t say they’re not a champion becuase of the way they are born …..


If the champion eats and trains better than they do!


Champions are made, not born.


Not the champion you want to be at the moment?


Then, if you know what to do, this has hopefully given you the impetus to get you doing it.


Not sure?


Hit us up and we’ll work it out 🙂


Or come down the find out more meeting in a couple of weeks (


Much love,


Jon ‘Chumpion’ Hall and Matt ‘Born in Wales’ Nicholson


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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