So, we mentioned in yesterday’s email that 25 or so of us did the Born Survivor event at Capesthorne Hall.


It was a 10k run / jog / walk with 31 obstacles along the route.


Plenty of mud and water too.


Some of you may have seen the piccies on Facey.


I’m sure plenty of you thought it looked absolutely awful.


Before I did my first one last year I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it.


And many of the guys doing it this year for the first time weren’t convinced.


But each and every one of them loved it.


And were super proud of themselves for doing it.


As we were of them!


And the one thing that nearly everyone said to me at some point during the day?


“I wouldn’t have even have dreamed of doing this a year ago”.


So, firstly it’s awesome that they have got fitter, stronger and lighter enough in the last year to give it a go.




There were others there doing it who were less fit, strong and light than our ninjas were a year ago.


Our guys could have done it a year ago.


Sure, it would have been harder / slower.


But they’d have managed.


There’s an expression:


“The only limits we have are those we place on ourselves.”


And another good one:


“Whether you think we can or think you can’t – you’re probably right.”


What had made the difference for our ninjas was the improvements in their confidence.


And we see it every day on Facey.


Someone trying an event or skill they didn’t think they could do.


Going somewhere they were too worried to go before.



You, right now, have all the potential you need in you.


You can do more things than you realise.


The limits you have are ones that have slowly built up in your head over years.


Years of others telling you you can’t do things.


Years of yourself telling you you can’t do it.


But, you can.


Decide now what it is you want to do.


It might be the next similar event we’re doing (April – keep your eyes peeled).


It might be something that’s been on your mind for a while.


It might be finally coming down to the find-out-more meeting tonight for our FREE ’20lbs in 8 weeks’ and ‘Beach Body’ challenges (


Whatever it is, take action now.


Get that first step taken.


Do it!



Much love,


Jon ‘Never been so dirty in all my life’ Hall and Matt ‘Looking forward to The Zombie Run’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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