So, Brads (or Paul Bradley as it says on his birth certificate) started with us at the start of October.

And he’s smashing it 🙂

Weight dropping off him nicely.

He posted the following in our members only group on Sunday:


Went out with the lads Friday night, who took great pleasure in ordering me “gay” water! The most camp looking glasses they could get, adorned with fruit, straws, umbrellas etc. felt like Dell Boy, but when there guts are hanging over there belts I’ll have the last laugh!!

Firstly, got to love that being gay is still an insult in 2014.

But anyhoo.

Most of you will recognise this – the peer pressure from others when you try and make some changes.

People telling you to stop being so boring and have a pint / glass / cake / biscuit.

Or that “you’ve changed”.

Or that your ‘making them feel bad’.

Sometimes even deliberate attempts to sabotage you.

Putting stuff in front of you that you’ve said you don’t want.

Trying to trick you into doing things.

We’ve seen it countless times.

Few points worth considering here:

1. You get what you tolerate.

If Brads had yielded, then it would be giving the message that he didn’t really mean it and, in future he should be hassled till he gave up.

He didn’t.

His friends will soon learn to respect what he says with minimal ribbing.

2. People do this as it makes them feel better about their own inability to do the same.

Failure is best endured shared.

If you continue to change it invalidates their excuses as to why they can’t.

Why they can’t drink less, eat healthier, exercise more, etc.

Holds a mirror up that they don’t like looking in.

If you fail in something you’ve said you’ll do, they’ll feel better about not doing it themselves.

Doesn’t mean you don’t need to see people that do this, but being aware of why they’re doing it is a very powerful way to see through it.

3. You’ll be the winner long term.

My old mates ribbed me throughout my early 20s when I first started turning up to events with Tupperware boxes full of food or was drinking spirits or nothing at all.

Now they are the ones asking for advice on how to lose that gut that’s crept on over the last decade.

4. Those things don’t make you happy long term.

Cake, biscuits, alcohol, etc aren’t the answer if you don’t feel good.

They offer a temporary respite, but are often part of the problem.

I’d be very surprised if Brads regretted drinking water on Friday.

Like his mates may have regretted their consumption that night.

We’re not saying never have any if these things again.

We’re not monks.

Just, it’s always worth remembering that they are often the problem, not the solution.

Much love,

Jon ‘To alcohol – the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems’ Hall and Matt ‘We’re going out! If we don’t come back, avenge our deaths!’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall

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