On New Years Eve I took my Step Daughter for breakfast at the Springwood on Thythy Industrial Estate.


Actually, I forced her there against her will as she didn’t want to go.


She got bowling and the cinema in exchange though 😉


Anyhoo, I happened to overhear a conversation which made me a little sad.


A rather large lady talking to her proportionally equally large daughter about breakfast choices.


She was advising her to go for the sugary cereals, with skimmed milk.


Accompanied by some jam on toast, crossaints, a bagel and a yoghurt.


All because it was ‘Low fat’.


Steering her away from the cooked breakfast.


As it was “too fattening”.




Now, we don’t completely blame this poor lady.


She was doing what she thought was right.


Attempting to follow the ridiculously out of date government guidelines.


Confused by clever food marketing which promote the tenuous way in which crappy foods can be described as healthy.


Ignoring the fact that, overall, they are far from that.


Remember – arsenic is natural and fat free.


Dog muck comes from a renewable, natural source and is made from fresh ingredients.




The answer is not to totally absolve people of the choices they’ve made, of course.


That’s never the answer for anything.


The right info was always out there.


People were spreading the same message as we do decades before we were born.


But, we understand how it happens.


We’ve made the same mistakes ourselves.


If there’s one thing I hope my children learn from me………….


It’s how to pick their sources of info.


Who to believe.


Following people with a good track record is a good start.


The current government guidelines have led to skyrocketing levels of obesity, cancer, heart disease, Type II Diabetes and so on.


They, essentially blame us, the average person on the street, for that.


For our inability to follow what they suggest.


Is that really all it is?


Food marketers only care about lining their pockets and those of their clients.


Everything they say can be fairly safely disregarded.


People like us?


Our job is to get people results.


If what we recommended didn’t work then we’d have gone out of business long ago.


We wouldn’t have the hundreds of success stories we do.


Hell, we’re not perfect.


I’m writing this in the bath after drinking the best part of a bottle of wine after the kids annoyed me.


But, at least I know that’s not a good thing.


We’re in the middle of a generation now who kinda thinks they’re doing the right thing.


But it doesn’t seem to be working for them.


So, if you’re still having a ‘Low Fat Breakfast’ of cereal, toast, juice, etc……..


If you’re still having a low fat sandwich and diet coke for lunch………..


And a bread, pasta or potatoe based meal for tea………


Take our word for it………


Whatever anyone else tells you………..


It’s not going to get you slim and healthy.


As always, a balanced diet is key.


Equal parts of your energy from protein, carbs and fat.


A 2:2:1 ratio in real terms as fat is twice as energy dense.


JERF – Just Eat Real Food.


If your great grandmother wouldn’t have recognised it, I wouldn’t bother.


From our (considerable) experience that will get you 80+% of the way there.


myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting if you’d like to make these changes whilst having fun with like minded people in an intimidation free atmosphere.


Much love,


Jon ‘Let her win at Lazer Quest’ Hall and Matt ‘Still crack my eggs the night before’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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